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7 homemade remedies for hair loss

Hair loss is a normal process that happens in order to ensure hair regeneration. A person should lose every day between 50-100 hair strands. But, every hair strand loss above this figures is a reason of concern. If you want to avoid cosmetics and medication, you should think about using …

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5 natural remedies that combat hair loss

Natural juices. Apply some garlic, ginger or onion juice on your scalp and leave it action until the next morning, when you should rinse thoroughly. Antioxidants. Apply a cup of warm tea on your hair and wait for about an hour, then wash your hair as usual. Hot oil. Apply …

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Coconut oil to combat stretch marks

Stretch marks are skin lesions that generally appear after a period in which the skin is extended so much that it cannot pull back to its initial form. In other words, it loses elasticity and with it the collagen as well, making the stretch marks to have a different pigmentation. …

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