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How to make your hair grow with only 3 ingredients

Nowadays, hair loss has become an issue that most people have to deal with at a certain point. Factors such as pollution, diet, lifestyle and products rich in chemicals influence the way in which our hair is falling and regenerates. Fortunately, there are different solutions for you to choose. On …

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How to remove upper lip hair

Facial hair can be quite unaesthetic for teenagers, which is why, in most cases, they want to remove it. Fortunately, there are many solutions one can choose from. First of all though, a piece of advice from your mother is recommended. She was a teenager too and perhaps she has …

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Benefits of coconut oil for your health

Amazing benefits of coconut oil: Hair care Indian people use coconut oil in their daily hair care as a conditioner and a hair growth stimulus. Coconut oil is a very good ingredient when it comes to hair care, making it glow and healthy. A regular massage can prevent dandruff, louses …

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