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How to clean your lungs of nicotine and tar

Generally, smokers have their lungs covered in nicotine and tar, two dangerous toxins that in time favor the appearance of lung cancer, heart disease or other respiratory issues.  However, you can have healthy lungs if you are decided and if you really want to protect them from being completely damaged.

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15 foods that cleanse your lungs

Our lungs are perhaps one of the most important organs of our body. Therefore, we need to keep them clean and healthy as long as possible. To do this we can consume foods that will deliver them all the necessary nutrients and will clean them from impurities and harmful toxins, …

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A 21 days remedy to cleanse your colon

Our intestines are affected daily by many fecals and harmful toxins which, once deposited on your colon, can produce a lot of damage. However, there are different elements that indicate that your colon doesn’t function properly: constipation, weight gain, diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes or an imbalanced metabolism.

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