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How to remove upper lip hair

Facial hair can be quite unaesthetic for teenagers, which is why, in most cases, they want to remove it. Fortunately, there are many solutions one can choose from. First of all though, a piece of advice from your mother is recommended. She was a teenager too and perhaps she has some tips that might help you better understand the risks and the advantages that such procedures imply.

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Once you are sure you really want to make this step you can consider one of these remedies;

  • Hair bleaching – you have to apply a cream or a liquid on the unwanted hair in order to lighten its color. It is very important not to leave too much as you can harm your skin;
  • Depilation – is a procedure that implies the removal of facial hair by using a depilatory cream.
  • Waxing – is a procedure that removes the hair from the root. You can either go to the salon or you can wax yourself at home; it is not that difficult.
  • Tweezing – is recommended only for areas with few hair follicles.
  • Electrolysis or laser hair – are two expensive procedures that require a professional and the advice of your parents. Make sure you know all about it, particularly the side effects.
  • Dermatologist – is the solution in cases in which your hair is very excessive. This can be caused by a certain condition or disease, so do not hesitate to visit a doctor.

How to remove upper lip hair

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