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How to lose weight with your liver’s help

You have probably never thought that the liver can actually help you lose weight. However,the  liver has the role of balancing fats by simply acting like a filter for the harmful toxins, through the bile. In exchange you will feel more energetic and optimistic.

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An unhealthy diet and lifestyle are very common nowadays, which means that it is time to do something that can improve your digestion, fat burning and health. In this sense we present you 5 natural remedies that help you clean your liver and stimulate it to function at its optimum levels.

  1. Deal with stress

Stress influences our health in a way we don’t even imagine. For instance, when we eat under stress, the liver is put under pressure and it cannot break down the food and the nutritive substances are not absorbed as such.

Therefore, enjoy your meals at a table and take your time to chew all the food. On one hand, it will give you the sensation of satiety faster and, on the other hand, you will help your liver to better digest the food.

  1. Avoid consuming processed foods

Avoid all those foods that come already packed. They are all rich in toxins that produce an imbalance in your system and compromise your liver. Indeed, the liver is supposed to filter the toxins, but not all the chemicals that compounse the processed foods.

In other words, try to buy only natural foods in order to stay healthy and stay away from the shelves with groceries.

  1. Eat at home

A meal at home can never be compared with fast food meals or dinner at the restaurant in terms of health and calories. No matter how healthy they claim to be, they are rich in additives and elements that give food flavor, ingredients that your liver cannot process and which eventually are deposited in your body.

So, think twice before going out. You can prepare a very tasty meal at home and spend more time with your family or friends having fun as well.

  1. Control your dairy and meat intake

Meat and dairy product are processed very slowly by the liver. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid excesses, particularly meat and dairy products that come from animals that have been raised with chemicals and hormones.

Make a change: consume almond milk, instead of cow milk or chickpeas, vegetables or black beans instead of meat. Also, consume mushrooms, as they contain the same enzymes as meat and they have a great taste. Try to change the main element of your meal and replace meat with any other healthy ingredient.

  1. Detox your liver

Mix the juice of half a lemon with a glass of warm water and drink it before breakfast, on an empty stomach. The lemon will clean your liver and the warm water will stimulate it to clean your body from harmful toxins.  In time, you will manage to squeeze the juice of an entire lemon in the water.

Combine 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 1 glass of warm water and consume it three times a day 20 minutes before meals. Apple cider vinegar has the same properties as lemon and we invite to include it in your daily diet as it helps your liver function properly.

Apart from these remedies, you should try and consume foods such as spinach, chard or kale, which nourish your body and make your liver healthy and strong.

How to lose weight with your liver's help

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