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Keep your teeth healthy with ingredients in your kitchen

Tooth whitening is a very common procedure nowadays, one that more and more people start using. But what if you knew how to whiten your teeth at home with ingredients from your kitchen, without spending much money? Why not use natural foods as elements that make your teeth look whiter and healthier from the inside out?

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Natural remedies that remove stains

Orange peel

Due to their acidity and antioxidants, citrus fruits are very good at removing stains from your teeth, but orange peel is the best choice.

Take an orange peel  and rub the interior on your teeth, covering the entire surface. Make sure you clear the orange peel and that you use organic oranges in order to protect your mouth from chemicals and microbes. Rinse your mouth with water and avoid brushing your teeth for about 30 minutes.Repeat this remedy several times a week, but not too often, so that you don’t damage your enamel.

Baking soda and strawberries

Combine one mashed strawberry with ½ tsp of baking soda. Brush your teeth with this paste for about 5 minutes. Rinse your mouth with water, then brush your teeth and use dental floss, as usual. Follow the remedy several times a week.

Natural remedies for your teeth health

Oranges and strawberries

Along with other fruits and vegetables – citrus fruit, red peppers or cabbage, these two fruits are rich in vitamin C, which improves blood circulation and calms the inflammations, maintaining the gums healthy as well.

 Raisins and cranberries

Add in your diet raisins, cranberries and dried fruit, but do not exaggerate, as you can harm your teeth instead of contributing to their health. They are rich in phytochemicals, which not only protect your teeth from bacteria, but they also strengthen them.  Cranberries prevent the appearance of dental plaque, without which bacteria cannot find shelter anymore.

Green vegetable leaves

Leafy greens are very rich in calcium and phosphorus clearing your teeth on the outside and inside.

Crispy fruits and vegetables

Foods such as celery, lettuce, carrots, pears, cucumbers or apples contribute to the plaque removal. Due to the fact that these foods ask for more chewing time, they stimulate saliva production, which cleans your teeth and rubs our plaque.

Seeds and nuts                                         

Seeds and nuts are a very rich source of phosphorus and minerals. When you consume them, make sure you have initially soaked them in water. They will provide your teeth and bones the necessary nutrients.

Keep your teeth healthy with ingredients in your kitchen

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