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How to get rid of moles at home

Moles are colored growths in the skin, which are very uncomfortable and unaesthetic. They can be caused by different factors such as sun exposure, hormonal imbalance or genetics. Because of that, people tend to wish them gone and, fortunately, there are some natural remedies that you can use to get rid of moles.

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Apple cider vinegar. The acid in this vinegar can remove the moles with ease. Make sure, though, that you protect your skin from a possible irritation by applying some petroleum jelly.

Flax seed. Make a paste by mixing honey, flaxseed oil and ground flax seeds and cover the moles with it. It makes the moles soft, which will allow you to eliminate it.

Garlic. Garlic has powerful potent enzymes which destroy the moles. Moreover, it has bleaching and cleaning properties, leaving your skin clear. Protect your skin from irritations by disinfecting it with some alcohol and petroleum jelly before the use of the remedy.

Castor oil. Mix some ground aspirin with several drops of castor oil and a pinch of baking soda and apply it on the moles. Soon enough, they will be gone.

Pineapple juice. Apply some pineapple juice in order to get rid of moles. It is rich in acid, which will basically burn them.

Coriander. Prepare a paste from several coriander leaves and put it on the moles, leaving it action for about 10 minutes.

Iodine. Iodine eliminates moles without leaving scars. Make sure you protect your skin from irritation by applying some petroleum jelly before the remedy.

Banana. Apply some banana peel with regulation on your moles, in order to dry them out.

Baking soda. Mix several drops of castor oil with baking soda and apply the paste on your moles. You will soon eliminate them from your skin.

Lime. Mix some lime juice with pomegranate peels. You will be surprised by the effects.

Dandelion roots. Apply dandelion roots juice on the moles, several times a day and after one month they will be no more.

Potatoes. Just like lemon juice, potato juice can remove moles if applied with regularity.

Aloe Vera. Similar to pineapple juice, Aloe Vera juice can make your skin clear again and free of imperfections.

Tea tree oil. Massage some tea tree oil on the moles on a daily basis, for at least a month. You should notice the results.

Onion juice. Combine some onion juice with apple cider vinegar in order to cure moles. The results will be amazing!

How to get rid of moles at home

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