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Coconut oil to combat stretch marks

Stretch marks are skin lesions that generally appear after a period in which the skin is extended so much that it cannot pull back to its initial form. In other words, it loses elasticity and with it the collagen as well, making the stretch marks to have a different pigmentation. The causes can vary from a common eating plan or physical exercises to environment.

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But do not despair! You can reduce their effects or prevent them from appearing by having a healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercises and even visiting your doctor. Or, you can use coconut oil!

On one hand, blemishes produced by pregnancy can fade completely if coconut oil is applied with regularity. The mother is advised to apply the oil on the affected areas on a daily basis and massage it until is absorbed by the skin. Even the scars produces by burns, injuries or acne can be removed completely if the affected skin is treated with coconut oil.

On the other hand, chronic conditions make the scars more difficult to remove. In this case, the cure may take much more time and asks for more patience. It is recommended to use the coconut oil both internally and externally and apply it on your skin 2-3 times every day, in order to have positive results.

Even if most of people believe that coconut oil can only be applied on the skin and cure it from the outside, they should know that a regular consumption can also make miracles from the inside. You can cook with it or use it as an ingredient for your juices; either way, you should consume 3-4 spoons daily and you will have a longer and healthier life.

You should also know that coconut oil is not beneficial only for pregnant women. You can use it instead of sunscreens, to protect your skin from UV rays and nourish it at the same time. Also, you can apply coconut oil on your skin before doing physical exercises, to prepare it for effort or after working out, to relax it and strengthen its elasticity.

Coconut oil to combat stretch marks

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