Home remedies for wrinkles

Wrinkles are ageing signs that usually tend to appear on our face, neck, and hands, the areas that are mostly exposed to UV rays. Depending on you deep these wrinkles are, they can be treated with natural remedies or more complex interventions such as plastic surgeries or injections. Hence, wrinkles …

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How to get rid of under the eye bags at home

Under the eyes bags are a matter that women wish to hide as soon as possible. They are caused by various factors, either lack of sleep, hormone imbalance or heredity. Either way, they cannot be always hidden with makeup, which is why we recommend you to follow one of these …

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How to clean your lungs of nicotine and tar

Generally, smokers have their lungs covered in nicotine and tar, two dangerous toxins that in time favor the appearance of lung cancer, heart disease or other respiratory issues.  However, you can have healthy lungs if you are decided and if you really want to protect them from being completely damaged.

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15 foods that cleanse your lungs

Our lungs are perhaps one of the most important organs of our body. Therefore, we need to keep them clean and healthy as long as possible. To do this we can consume foods that will deliver them all the necessary nutrients and will clean them from impurities and harmful toxins, …

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Benefits of coconut oil for your health

Amazing benefits of coconut oil: Hair care Indian people use coconut oil in their daily hair care as a conditioner and a hair growth stimulus. Coconut oil is a very good ingredient when it comes to hair care, making it glow and healthy. A regular massage can prevent dandruff, louses …

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Coconut oil to combat stretch marks

Stretch marks are skin lesions that generally appear after a period in which the skin is extended so much that it cannot pull back to its initial form. In other words, it loses elasticity and with it the collagen as well, making the stretch marks to have a different pigmentation. …

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