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Benefits of coconut oil for your health

Amazing benefits of coconut oil:

Hair care

Indian people use coconut oil in their daily hair care as a conditioner and a hair growth stimulus. Coconut oil is a very good ingredient when it comes to hair care, making it glow and healthy. A regular massage can prevent dandruff, louses and their eggs, but it can also hydrate the scalp and repair the deteriorated strands, due to a high level of essential proteins. All these properties make coconut oil an essential compound in anti-dandruff creams, conditioners or shampoos.

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Skin care

Coconut oil is also used to restore the firmness of your skin and fight against aging elements, such as wrinkles or fine lines, but it also treats skin conditions such as psoriasis, infections or dermatitis. It hydrates your skin like a cream, being beneficial for every type of skin, either dry or oily. People usually associate it with mineral oil, but unlike this one, coconut oil has only positive effects upon the skin.

Premature aging

Rich in antioxidants, this oil not only reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs from your skin, but it also prevents them from appearing again.

Heart disease

Due to a high level of saturated fats, people believe that coconut oil is harmful for their heart. On the contrary, these fats are not harmful! Moreover, coconut oil contains high level of lauric acid, which balances the cholesterol and arterial hypertension levels and can also prevents atherosclerosis.


Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties, due to a high level of saturated fats, which fight against the bacteria, fungus or parasites that produce indigestion. In other words, coconut oil is very efficient in reducing digestion issues and absorbing the nutrients and the minerals that the organism needs to restore its health. We recommend you to use it in the kitchen as a base for your foods.

Weight loss

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids. This makes it an element that contributes to the well-functioning of your metabolism and thyroid. Practically it eliminates stress and burns energy, helping obese people to lose weight.


Due to its various properties, coconut oil can also help you treat pancreatitis.

Anti-stress ingredient

Coconut oil calms you and eliminates stress from your life. Apply some coconut oil on your scalp and massage it gently and you will see that you will feel more relaxed.


Coconut oil controls the blood sugar and stimulates the insulin production. Therefore, it helps people with diabetes treat their disease and healthy people to prevent it.


Due to the fact that it fights against viruses, fungus or bacteria, coconut oil can also treat and prevent a large variety of infection, among which we remind the flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, aphta, measles, herpes, fungus etc.


Its many properties turn coconut oil into a very helpful element in removing kidney stones or other conditions.


This miracle ingredient can also strengthen your immune system, due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It contains lauric acid, capric acid and anti-bacterial fats, which are transformed by your system into enzymes that combat the bacteria and viruses responsible for herpes, flu or even HIV.

Healing process

When you apply coconut oil on infections or bruises, the healing process is shortened and a protective barrier is created, so that external factor like dust, fungus or bacteria cannot worsen the infection.


The triglycerides that can be found in the composition of coconut oil contribute to the prevention of several liver conditions, stimulating the liver to function properly. Basically, all these fats are turned into energy, which eventually prevents fat deposit and liver pressure.


Among the minerals that this ingredient absorbs, we must highlight the calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for the bone health. In other words, it helps a lot people who suffer from osteoporosis.

Dental care

Calcium also gives you healthy and strong teeth, protecting them from plaque and cavities. So, in order to have such teeth, you should use coconut oil more often.

HIV and cancer

Studies so far have shown that coconut oil plays an important role in reducing the viral sensibility in the case of people infected with HIV.

All in all, this miracle oil has so many properties and uses that even the athletes and people who keep a diet use it. The reason is that it is poorer in calories than other oil, it transforms fats in energy and strengthens the immune system. Any way you think about it, it could never do you any harm.

Benefits of coconut oil for your health

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