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A 21 days remedy to cleanse your colon

Our intestines are affected daily by many fecals and harmful toxins which, once deposited on your colon, can produce a lot of damage. However, there are different elements that indicate that your colon doesn’t function properly: constipation, weight gain, diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes or an imbalanced metabolism.

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Medical treatments such as enema, can help your intestine, but the procedure is time and money consuming. In this sense, you can opt for a natural remedy; a 21 days diet during which you should consume linseed flour and yogurt.  These two ingredients help your colon eliminate the mucus, fecals and waste deposited during a long period of time and restore its strength. Apart this effects, linseed can also balance your weight and your metabolism stimulating the fat burns.


1-7 days: Consume 1 tbsp of linseed flour and 100 ml of yogurt

8-14 days: Have 2 tbsp of linseed flour and drink 100 ml of yogurt;

15-21 days: Drink 150 ml of yogurt mixed with 3 tbsp of linseed flour.

Prepare the remedy every day, in order to preserve its freshness and consider this remedy as your daily breakfast. Accompany the mixture with 2 liters of water and add some honey for better results. Repeat this treatment one time every year in order to keep your colon healthy and clean!

A 21 days remedy to cleanse your colon

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