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15 foods that cleanse your lungs

Our lungs are perhaps one of the most important organs of our body. Therefore, we need to keep them clean and healthy as long as possible. To do this we can consume foods that will deliver them all the necessary nutrients and will clean them from impurities and harmful toxins, in order to make them stronger and keep them away from diseases such as asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis.

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Regular exercises along with a life without smoking and pollution will help you maintain your lungs clean and disease-free. In addition, a healthy eating plan is very important as well and, there are some foods that contribute to the cleanness of your lungs.

Apples – are rich in flavanoids, the substances that keep your lungs healthy and safe from respiratory disease.

Grapefruit – contains high levels of minerals and vitamins that clean your lungs of carcinogens.

Garlic – combats infections and inflammations due to its content of allicin. At the same time, it can treat asthma and keep the cancer away.

Turmeric – is similar to garlic. In other words, it reduces inflammations, leaving the lungs clean and strong.

Dark berries – have antioxidant properties and treat infections. Moreover, this fruit can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases such as lung cancer.

Ginger – can be used either in its raw form to cook different meals of salads or you can make some tea. Either way, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and eliminates the harmful toxins from your lungs.

Pomegranates – due to its many properties, this food can prevent different respiratory conditions from developing  and treat them if already formed.

Cayenne pepper – cures with success sore throats or coughs, but also more serious issues such as bronchial congestion.

Seeds, beans and nuts – are very rich in magnesium, the substance that generally treats asthma. Also, it improves the activity of your lungs and oxygenates better your system.

Curry and chilly – are two very powerful antioxidants. Due to the fact that they are spicy, they can turn into liquid the mucus in your lungs, nose or throat.

Pistachios –  help you control the cholesterol level and improve the general health of your lungs.

Cruciferous vegetables – such as cabbage, broccoli or cauliflowers are very rich in antioxidants, the elements that clean your lungs from harmful toxins and mucus.

Water – is the number one drink that keeps your body healthy, including your lungs. It hydrates them intensely and contributes to their detoxification. If you think you can get bored of its taste you can add several drops of lemon, just to change its taste. It is even healthier.

Onions – contain high levels of vitamin C and B6 and folic acid, making them foods that reduce the risk of lung cancer and treat other respiratory diseases.

Foods rich in carotenoids – such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes or apricots  reduce the risk of lung cancer. Carotenoid is an antioxidant,  which eventually transforms into vitamin A, the substance that fights against asthma.

15 foods that cleanse your lungs

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